Giuseppe Potente

( Andrea Matissier is his pseudonym for some post-covid pandemic works ) was born in Italy in 1950. He followed classical studies in Rome, where he graduated in 1974 in MD.

Specializing in medical imaging, he has been interested since the 70s, simultaneously with technical imaging, artistic imaging, in particular the humanistic current of HCB. At the beginning of the 1980s he also "discovered" and loved the color photography of Haas, Luigi Ghirri and Franco Fontana, which somehow remain in his training and can influence his photographic vision of him.

More recently he has had a strong interest in Richard Kalvar, Trent Parke, Paolo Pellegrini and .... in the field of BW photography, and in Alex Webb, Trent Parke, Cristopher Anderson  and Mikhael Subotky in the field of color photography. In 2020 he followed the work of Albert Watson and Meyerowitz with great interest. In addition to the photographers mentioned above, he follows with great interest all the works related to photography both in BW and in color, without particular selection, but in his vision and in his work he remains more linked to the mentors of his initial training.

He has a great passion for open air sports, in particular water sports, such as rowing, kayaking, sailing, swimming.

In Italy, he lives in Rome and in the Umbrian countryside.

Since 2010 he has left the University of Rome and works as a free lance photographer based in Italy and South Africa on personal projects. His activity is aimed at books and online publications, he has no relationships with art galleries.

In 2021, after the third wave of Covid-19 pandemic, he began to publish works under the pseudonym Andrea Matissier.


In his adolescence, GP became convinced that in the novel, more than in the news, there was the most intimate truth, the one that can interest and persist. As he matured, he realized that truth is multiple and subjective, Seeing the works of HCB and other humanistic photographers,as Erwitt Elliott and Richard Kalvar,  enriched his love for photography as an “other” reality . GP was also  captured by the chromatic suggestions of light,  seeing photos by Haas, Pinkhassov, Alex Webb, Manos, Manoupolos and others,  suggestions that often return to his vision and flank the geometric lines of HCB photograhy,  without entering into conflict with them. His photos want  to communicate to the "readers" the poetry, rather than the hardness, of life. “And the images have a positive and perhaps celebratory feel to them.” (LensCulture).

 He wants to speak lightly and not with surgical precision. His vision - - often neutral, sometimes humorous - -  is established in the present. The main focus is the theatricality of people in ordinary life. The context is often his enemy, because representing or suggesting an "other" reality is for him the main role of photography to face and sometimes solve the problem of the relationship between us and the life around us.

In the last open projects, set in the fields of South Africa, people are part of nature, without opposition. In these images, nature is the stage of the theatricality.

The most salient feature of his work is the sympathy and empathy for the subjects represented: this empathy is for GP a necessary condition for the solution of the human relationship problem provided by photography.

                       He uses film and digital photographs, printed on high quality papers.